3 Steps to Better Gut Health

Your gut is your single biggest ally to a happy, healthy body. So why is it often overlooked? Read on to discover its powerful potential, and how to start treating it right.

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Gut health. It’s vital to our well-being, yet often overlooked or misunderstood!

For just a moment, think about how many amazing starring roles your gut plays when it comes to creating the life you want. Your gut can:

1. Digest the foods and beverages you consume without you having to think about it.
2. Unlock and absorb nutrients and energy from the food you eat.
3. Balance your blood sugar.
4. Provide a physical and immunological barrier, warding off pathogens and potential allergens.
5. Produce mood-regulating neurotransmitters like serotonin, which helps lift your mood and decrease stress levels.
6. Synthesize key vitamins and important hormones that signal your brain when you are hungry or full.
7. Pull and safely excrete waste from your body.

In #GoClean45, I outline 11 ways to optimize your diet for gut health. As a preview, watch this video to learn about the top three steps for better gut health:

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