The Best Oils & Vinegars for Cooking

Whether you’re dressing a salad or sautéing a chicken breast, we’ve got the best oils and vinegars for everyday entrées to finer fare.

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The Classic

Cold-pressed and bottled within hours of harvest, Cho America’s Origin 846 extra virgin olive oil preserves the spicy and fruity flavors of the olive. The oil is unfiltered and then decanted, a process essential for removing sediment as well as protecting the aroma and antioxidants. $13,

The Update

With a convenient spray nozzle, Primal Kitchen Spray Avocado Oil is an easy fix for
mess-free cooking and baking. A source of lutein, an antioxidant that benefits eye health, this is the ideal dressing for mains and veggies to add mild, buttery flavor with a neat spritz. $8,

The Topper

Pumpkin is for more than just pies and spice lattes as Carrington Farm’s Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil shows us. Cold-pressed pumpkin seeds impart a toasted, buttery flavor, meant to act as the finishing touch on savory or sweet items. $15,

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The Grab-n-Go

Individually packaged Vermont Village Turmeric + Honey Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Shot is a convenient way to get beneficial bacteria and probiotics into your diet. Simply enjoy alone or infused into a glass of water to aid in digestion. 12-pack for $16,

The Balsamic

Barrel-aged Gaea Oxymelo Ancient Greek Balsamic has a velvety and lush texture. Probiotic-rich acetic acid, the main compound in a balsamic vinegar, is a positive addition
for anyone looking to benefit their gut bacteria. $11,

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