Best Kitchen Knife Sets for Home Use

Kitchen knives are a critical component of any kitchen. Having the right knife for the task can save prep time and make cooking more enjoyable. That said, with so many different types and styles of knives available, it can be overwhelming to find the right knives for your household. Buying a set of knives can help ensure you have the variety you need, whether you primarily chop, slice, dice, mince, or carve. When shopping for knives, look for blades that are durable and stay sharp, and handles that allow for a comfortable grip. Here is our review of four different kitchen knife sets so you can find the right one for you.

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Best Labeling System

Knife Set, 16-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Carving Fork


16-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block. This 16-piece knife set includes all the basic knives you’ll need to prepare delicious meals along with six serrated steak knives, kitchen scissors, carving fork, and knife sharpener. 

What We Liked

This 16-piece knife set comes with all the essential knives plus some extra tools to make cooking enjoyable. This set of professional knives includes an eight-inch chef’s knife, eight-inch carving knife, eight-inch bread knife, eight-inch Santoku knife, five-inch utility knife, and a 3.5-inch paring knife. Additionally, the set includes six steak knives, a carving fork, kitchen scissors, and sharpening steel. The blades are made of high carbon German steel for a sharp cutting edge to aid in effortless cutting. The well-balanced handles are ergonomic for comfort and support. The triple-rivet polymer makes hand cleaning these knives easy, and the blades are stain-resistant. The included wood knife block stylishly protects the knives when not in use. Each knife and the knife block are labeled for easy identification. We liked that this set of 16 knives consists of essential knives for any kitchen and that each knife and the knife block are labeled. Click Here to Purchase.

Ultra-Sharp Blades

Knife Set, Premium 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block


18-Piece Knife Set with Block. This 18-piece knife set is made of high carbon German stainless steel, which results in ultra-sharp blades that are durable, wear-resistant, and do not rust. 

What We Liked

This 18-piece knife set contains nine essential kitchen knives, six steak knives, kitchen shears, sharpening steel, and a wood knife block to ensure you have the knife you need for any occasion. These premium knives are made with high carbon German stainless steel to provide ultra-sharp blades that do not dull easily. The stylish Pakkawood handle is designed for comfort. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip, and is well-balanced. The handles’ triple rivets provide durability and are easy to clean. This collection of knives comes with a 30-day return policy and a one-year warranty. We liked that this 18-piece knife set has high-quality blades that are ultra-sharp. Buy Your Set Here.

Most Eye-Catching Color

Emojoy Knife Set


15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set. This attractive 15-piece knife set with powder blue handles includes all the essential kitchen knives you need, plus six steak knives, sharpener, kitchen scissors, and a dark wood knife block. 

What We Liked

This knife set will add a surprising touch of color in your kitchen with the unique powder blue handles. These professional quality kitchen knives are made from high carbon German stainless steel, so you never have to worry about rust stains. The sharp blade makes cutting tasks easy. The ergonomically designed handle minimizes finger cramps and aches and makes cutting more comfortable. This all-in-one set includes an eight-inch chef’s knife, eight-inch slicing knife, eight-inch Santoku knife, eight-inch bread knife, five-inch utility knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, and six steak knives. This set also comes with a pair of kitchen scissors, sharpening steel, and a knife block for storage. These knives also come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. We liked that this set of kitchen knives provides you with a complete set of essential kitchen knives that have attractive powder blue handles. Buy Here.

Best Basic Knife Set

Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set


Set of 6 Knives with Blade Guards Included. This set of six knives are color-coded with six different vibrant colors to aid in identification. A two-stage knife sharpener is included to help keep the blades sharp. 

What We Liked

This brightly colored set of six kitchen knives contains all the basic knives every kitchen needs. It includes an eight-inch carving knife, eight-inch chef’s knife, 13-inch bread knife, seven-inch Santoku knife, four-inch paring knife, and five-inch utility knife. Each knife is a different color for easy identification. The knife blades are made of stainless steel combined with a laser finish, so the blade is smooth and sharp. The non-stick coating on each knife makes it easy to cut with each knife. These knives are dishwasher safe but will last longer if hand washed only. This set also includes blade guards to keep you and your knife safe when not in use. The included sharpener comes with two modes: a coarse sharpener for blunt knives and fine sharpener for sharp blades. In addition, these knives come with a satisfaction guarantee. We liked that each of these knives comes in a different color for easy identification. Order Now.

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