5 Ways to Eat and Drink Your Probiotics

It's time to make friends with fermentation! From spicy dilly beans to a drinking vinegar, these probiotic-rich recipes are brimming with gut-boosting benefits.

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Vanilla Pear Shrub Recipe

Vanilla Pear Shrub recipe
Photo by Darren Kemper

Shrubs are fermented drink concentrates traditionally made with berries, sugar and fruit vinegars. This version uses ginger and apple cider vinegar – two powerful digestive aids – along with fall flavors of pear, honey and vanilla. Serve it hot or cold, and it also makes an excellent cocktail.

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Curried Brussels Kraut Recipe

Curried Brussels Kraut recipe
Photo by Darren Kemper

Move over, cabbage. Brussels sprouts are the stars in this kraut. With toasted curry spices, it makes a lovely addition to salads and grain bowls or a topping for soups.  

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Dilly Green Beans Recipe

Dilly Green Beans recipe
Photo by Darren Kemper

These spicy fermented beans are delightful chopped into a salad, served as a side dish or simply eaten straight from the jar. If you enjoy Bloody Marys, try replacing the celery stick garnish with a dilly bean.  

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Ginger Lemon Switchel Recipe

Ginger Lemon Switchel recipe
Photo by Darren Kemper

Switchel is a refreshing fermented drink that starts with raw ginger and apple cider vinegar as its base. Here, we infuse the ferment with lemon and mint for a tasty beverage that can also relieve gas and bloating. It’s easy to make and easy to drink!

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Fermented Herb Paste Recipe

Fermented Herb Paste recipe
Photo by Darren Kemper

Fermentation is a great way to preserve herbs without losing their fresh flavors. This recipe blends herbs with garlic and can be used as a marinade (mix it with oil for this use), as a garnish for soups or stirred into sauces.

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Fiery Chile Paste Recipe

Fiery Chile Paste recipe
Photo by Darren Kemper

Add a lovely punch of heat to your favorite foods with this fermented chile paste. Using only three ingredients, this versatile condiment will keep for up to 2 years in the fridge. Add it to sauces, salsas or marinades, or use it to top burritos or burgers to give a little spice to your meal.

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Probiotics: What are they, exactly? Probiotics are the good bacteria that populate your microbiome. Studies have shown that these beneficial microorganisms can help relieve the symptoms of digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as well as help ease gastrointestinal distress resulting from infections and antibiotics.  

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