6 Trader Joe’s Foods and Snacks Your Valentine Will Love

Ditch the boring chocolates this year and snag these goodies at TJ's

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Alright, we’re going to say it: Valentine’s Day has gotten bland. 

Boxed mystery chocolates, chalky candy hearts and overpriced dinner reservations are the bane of our existence. If you’re dreading buying your partner the same old chocolate nougats and roses, we recommend you stop by Trader Joe’s and pick up some of these treats. 

Raspberry hearts

Chocolate Mousse Cake


This cake is light, delicate and bursting with bright raspberry flavor. Its base is a moist vanilla cake layered with raspberry mousse and coated in confectioners sugar – yum. For an extra ‘oomph’, top the cakes with fresh raspberries or whipped cream and pair with coffee or champagne. 

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Heart Shaped Macarons 


There’s something particularly fancy about macarons. These adorable heart-shaped macarons are vanilla creme with a gooey strawberry and raspberry center. Each box comes from eight cookies, which would look cute arranged on a plate.

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heart shaped cookies

Raspberry Heart Cookies


An upgrade on the shortbread cookie, this raspberry heart-shaped cookie is soft, crumbly and buttery. Sandwiched between the two cookies is a raspberry jam made with real fruit – no artificial flavors involved. We wouldn’t blame you if you bought these treats just for yourself. They might be hard to share. 

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heart shaped ravioli

Ricotta Couricini Ravioli 


In the mood for a Valentine’s Day in? Whip up a homemade dinner with these heart-shaped raviolis filled with ricotta cheese. Once cooked, serve with your favorite spaghetti sauce or drizzle with olive oil, pepper and salt. BONUS – this pasta takes six minutes to prepare. That’s more time with your loved one and less time in the kitchen.

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strawberry sparkling

Sparkling Strawberry Juice


Nothing says I love you like a sparkling drink, right? This beverage is made from real strawberry juice with zero added sugars and plenty of bubbles. Sip on this drink chilled, straight from the can or over ice. You can even make the TJ-recommended cocktail by combining Sparkling Strawberry with vodka, muddled basil and a fresh basil for a garnish. 

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Raspberry chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream


Trader Joe’s latest ice cream flavor is a delicious dark chocolate with raspberry sorbet swirl. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert, as it contains both rich and creamy flavors with light and refreshing sorbet. We could learn something about relationships from chocolate and raspberry – they balance and complement one another perfectly. A match made in heaven!

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