15 Succulent Clean Eating Salmon Recipes

Baked, roasted, grilled, crusted, cubed, crumbled - we've got all kinds of clean eating salmon recipes with one uniting factor: deliciousness! Never again will you ask what to eat with salmon.

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Orange Salmon with Apricot Horseradish Salsa recipe

1. Orange Salmon with Apricot Horseradish Salsa

A 254-calorie dinner full of tangy flavors, and your slow cooker takes the reigns!

See the Orange Salmon with Apricot Horseradish Salsa recipe.

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Fennel, Mustard & Lemon-Crusted Salmon with Avocado Salsa recipe

2. Fennel, Mustard & Lemon-Crusted Salmon with Avocado Salsa

The herbaceous crust on this tender salmon recipe imparts a world of flavor, not fat!

Check out the Fennel, Mustard & Lemon-Crusted Salmon with Avocado Salsa recipe.

Baked Tandoori Salmon Skewers recipe

3. Baked Tandoori Salmon Skewers

This Indian-inspired dish tastes as gorgeous as it looks, thanks to tandoori seasoning and a minty zucchini side.

Get a load of our Baked Tandoori Salmon Skewers recipe.

Horseradish Salmon & Asparagus recipe

4. Horseradish Salmon & Asparagus

This beauty satisfies with a piquant-crusted salmon, smashed red potatoes and hollandaise!

Get the full Horseradish Salmon & Asparagus recipe.

Crispy Citrus Salmon recipe

5. Crispy Citrus Salmon

Give your salmon a pop of color and flavor with a zesty topper and cheesy kale couscous!

Try our Crispy Citrus Salmon recipe.

Moroccan Salmon with Nectarine Couscous recipe

6. Moroccan Salmon with Nectarine Couscous

Look how moist this salmon is! We give it a spice rubdown for ample flavor and serve with a refreshing nectarine and pine nut couscous.

Take a look at our Moroccan Salmon with Nectarine Couscous recipe.

Fresh Salmon Patties recipe

7. Fresh Salmon Patties

Julie O’Hara considers this recipe a “makeunder,” simplifying the ingredients and baking her patties rather than frying!

Check out our Fresh Salmon Patties recipe.

Sadie's Sunday Pie recipe

8. Sadie’s Sunday Pie

After our former associate editor Gil wrote a touching blog post about her grandmother, she shared this awesome salmon-laced recipe!

Get the recipe for Sadie’s Sunday Pie.

Mediterranean Salmon Baked in Foil recipe

9. Mediterranean Salmon Baked in Foil

We love the ease of foil packet dinners at Clean Eating, and this 30-minute Mediterranean bundle is no exception!

Enjoy our Mediterranean Salmon Baked in Foil recipe.

Provencal Salmon Burgers recipe

10. Provencal Salmon Burgers

Herbes de Provence ensures that these salmon burgers are trs chic, and kissed by lavender, fennel, basil and thyme, to name a few.

See the Provencal Salmon Burgers recipe.

Salmon & Blood Orange Salad recipe

11. Salmon & Blood Orange Salad

Serve this striking dish to guests you’re looking to impress. Frilly frisee and crimson orange are a stunning bed for your salmon.

Try our Salmon & Blood Orange Salad recipe.

Orange Salmon with Asparagus recipe

12. Orange Salmon with Asparagus

Candice Kumai’s orange-tinged salmon dish keeps it simple, utilizing just six ingredients.

Read over the Orange Salmon with Asparagus recipe.

Sushi-Style Soba with Seared Salmon recipe

13. Sushi-Style Soba with Seared Salmon

Salmon is a regular in Japanese cuisine, so it’s only fitting that our pasta salad plays matchmaker for the blush-colored fish and a host of Japanese flavors.

Take in the Sushi-Style Soba with Seared Salmon recipe.

Salmon, Radish & Shallot Roast recipe

14. Salmon, Radish & Shallot Roast

There’s seldom a supper simpler than a roast, and our orange-accented take pairs salmon with crisp radishes and sweet shallots.

Get roasting with the Salmon, Radish & Shallot Roast recipe.

Salmon Kasha Pilaf

15. Salmon Kasha Pilaf

This reader recipe pairs kasha (buckwheat groats) with veggies and salmon, perfect for using up leftover cooked fish!

Take a peek at our Salmon Kasha Pilaf recipe.

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